When arriving at Bora Bora in the morning of January 19th, 2019, I decided to go for a swim this time - Michael & I had visited and explored this beautiful island twice before, and besides the beautiful scenery with its extinct volcano, Mt. Otemanu, (727m) in the centre of the island, and the blue-and-green-looking shallow waters of the lagoon, surrounded also by many motus (islets) and the reef, there is not too much to see or do, but watersports.

I took a shuttle to a public beach on the southern tip of the island and enjoyed swimming in the clear, warm waters for about an hour, when a tropical rain shower poured from above, but fortunately, it passed by quickly and within some 10 minutes, the sun was shining again. The beach was nice and of white fine sand and fortunately not crowded.

As promised and as I badly had hoped for, a shuttle actually showed up again, when I was ready to return to the ship. Feeling great and happy after intensive swimming in the ocean waters in the lagoon, I spent a relaxing afternoon on board with Michael.

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