It`Its quite a long cruise up the river until the city of Brisbane appears in the distance. We arrived there on the 5th of February 2019 and were docked at a new cruise terminal outside the city.

Since this was the third time for us coming to this big city at the eastern coast of Australia and because we had done sightseeings and tours to the surroundings before, and since the only tour I had wanted to do (spending a day at the Gold Coast) was cancelled due to few interested people, we both decided to take the shuttle to drop us downtown.

However, once we got off the bus, Michael realized that his knee was hurting him too much to walk around, so he returned immediately, while I strolled thru the city. Queensland`s capital actually is quite a nice city, with many old buildings of European architecture

and old churches standing between modern buildings and more & more high-rises. Once a former penal colony on the banks of the meandering Brisbane River, it soon grew to a big country town and nowadays is one of Australia’s booming cities. In the 1800`s, timber became a big business and many beautiful timber houses were built along the river, until a great fire destroyed most of them in 1864

In 1988, Brisbane hosted the World Expo, and ever since, skyscrapers are taking over. I enjoyed walking thru downtown with its various malls, arcades & passages, walked across Victoria Bridge to the southern bank, from where I had a great view of the skyline. After a while, I took the ferry speeding down the river, back to the cruise terminal, and enjoyed the changing sceneries of modern and old houses alongside.

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