February 12th 2019 unfortunately was our last day in Australia (this time?).

While Michael was arriving to Darwin (at the northern coast of the continent) on our cruise ship in the morning, I had arrived there the previous night (coming from my wonderful overland excursion to the Outback) and our group had an early start in the morning heading to Litchfield National Park, which is located an approximately 2 hours drive south of Darwin.

We got to see some of the quite spectacular waterfalls as well as amazing termite mounds all over. Although I was suffering a bit from the tropical heat when walking to the sights, it sure was worth it: how often do you have the opportunity to enjoy the vistas of plenty fresh water cascading from high rocky walls into clear waterholes, or standing next to 4 m/13 ft tall termite “Cathedrals“ (as they are called) or viewing a field of termite mounds looking like a graveyard (with all of them being built in North-South direction trying to defeat the tropical heat) ? Or walking through a tropical forest, home to big spiders, beautiful flowers and interesting plants? It all was quite impressing and stunning.

After a light lunch at the Nationalpark, we drove back those ca. 130 km to Darwin, passing by some left-behind war planes from the Second World War (when the Japanese had bombed the city many times) and seeing a few of the so-called Road Trains (trucks with 3 trailers) on the highway. Our cruise ship was awaiting us upon return and was ready for departure.

That night we were leaving Australia and for Dinner, Michael & I enjoyed a delicious Australian-Flavors-menue and fun evening at the main restaurant, which had been nicely decorated with various typical items of Australia, such as kangaroos, koalas and colorful art of the Aborigines people, and all waiters/waitresses were dressed accordingly, wearing the typical “Crocodile Dundee“ (movie) -hats as well. Was a real nice farewell to that wonderful continent!

Next coming to Asia…

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